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I love 3D Graphic and I'm also a giantess (and female feet) fan.
So it's not so strange that I combined my passions to create 3D CGI Stories and Pictures about beautiful giantesses. ^^;

This is my personal DA page and here I will post for free all my works, in order to enjoy them together with all my friends, my watchers and all the people that, just like me, loves beautiful giantesses and their gorgeous feet. :D

For those of you that are interested to know which software I use to make my works, I can tell you that it's not just one software, but literally a "compilation":
- I use "Cinema 4D" to make modelling and scenes setup;
- I use "VRay" as render engine;
- I use "the GIMP" for post production, corrections and minor fixes;
- and also, I use some other programs and plugins in order to import DAZ models into Cinema4D, make water simulations, build panoramas and assemble the comics.

Favourite genre of music: Rock / Metal
Favourite style of art: 3D Computer Graphic, Comics, Collages
Operating System: OSX and Linux
Shell of choice: bash
Favourite cartoon character: Dexter (of Dexter's Laboratory)
Personal Quote: Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

Q: Do you make pics with giant guys?
A: No, never, absolutely no... really, no!

Q: Do you make commissions?
A: Not usually, my works requires a lot of time and effort, so, unless you are willing to pay A LOT OF MONEY, I'll continue make free art based upon my own tastes.. Though, I gladly accept donations.. keep reading. :D

Q: Do you make requests?
A: Sometimes, but only for my closest friends.

Q: How can I support you?
A: Why don't you gift me some DA Points? :D

Q: Which software do you use?
A: Read just a few lines above. ^^;

Q: How r u?
A: Not bad, ty.

NOTE For the occasional visitor.
My works are based upon the GTS and Crush fantasy.
I always try to put the right tags and adult flags on my works because they usually contain violence and gore and they can even show scenes of unconventional sexual situations.
If you don't understand what you're seeing, don't panic and ask me politely, I'll try to answer to your questions as best as I can.
But If you don't like my contents at all or if you feel offended or uncomfortable in watching my works, please leave this page and go away pretending to never have seen it.
No one will force you to come back, read my stories or look at my works. :thanks:

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Hello all,
I think it's time for a new journal, since it's passed some time from the last time I made a decent update and some things has happened along the way.

First of all, my birthday has come and passed a couple of weeks ago.. yeah another year older, this stuff stinks! >.<;;
Obviously, this is not the most important news.. it was just a thought. XP

Anyway, even if it seems that I'm not doing anything lately, actually I am almost constantly busy. So, let's start with the bad news first and then I will go on with the good news.

Bad news: The "Altered Reality" project is stuck. Disbelief 
Unfortunately our main writer :icondarkangle989: had a sudden change of life that is preventing her to be online from months. It's from the last year that I can't contact her, so I can't help but suspend the project. To be honest, I have enough stuff to publish the first (and most likely last) chapter, but I will wait some more time, hoping to see her come back and refresh the work with her "magic touch". Worship 

Good News: Luckily I have more than one good news! Meow :3 
1- Recently I made an update to Nickie. I named it "Nickie 2.0" and I think I will publish some quick shots of her sooner or later. The upgrade was a cool chance to improve my modelling skills on customizing the model's feet. :D

2- I did a new OC for someone rather popular in the community. I think it came out very well and I was told by the owner that she will publish it in the next weeks.. I can't tell you who I'm talking about, but I know that she reads my journals, so.. at least she knows that I'm talking about her. ;P

3- I just posted the first set (around 10 pictures) of a quick 30 pictures comic. It's a collaboration between me and the sweet :iconstephifox:. :heart:
The project will be made of a series of short comics about a theme that even if full of potential, it's not very popular in the GTS community. The title of this series is: "My Gigantic Girlfriend" and it talks about the life of a couple (a normal-sized beautiful woman and an ant sized man) that lives their unusual love despite the differences in sizes and the "not cooperative" society where they live.

WE ARE NOT A COUPLE, it comes out from a fantasy idea that both me and Stephi wanted to explore together.
We're just two close friends that shares a passion for GTS.

See you later! :D
  • Mood: Optimism

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Hydrakid Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015
What's up, man? Is everything alright? I have sad news about GtsDroveX.. go look at my journal about his departure from us.
Tiny-Mk Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
#mantrevolution you mean?
If so, I'm sorry.. but I could never revolt against those wonderful giantesses. ^^;
Tiny-Mk Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see...
Well, I do not agree with his vision, but I respect his choice.
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Silverwing07 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
Are you ever going to bring back 'Jessi'? Updated version even? Would love to see more of her as she is my fav xD
Tiny-Mk Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Jessi and Vicky is a little outdated by now.. and I'm not planning to update the models.
It's from years that I have in mind to complete the 7th chapter, but so far never found the right motivation to do it. ^^; 
Giantess-Cassie Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
:tighthug: thanks for the fave :D
Tiny-Mk Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome! :)
Aliessa Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015
Thank you for redesigning Sakura :p its glad to see her back
Tiny-Mk Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, a lot. :)
Alicia (former Sakura) is a dear friend of mine from long time and it was a pleasure to work on her new design. ^.^

It's nice to see that people is happy to see her back as much as I am. ;P
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